Use of cookies in the websites and applications of AGRÍCOLA EL NIÑO DEL CAMPO, S.L.

In compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce we inform you of the use of cookies on the web in order to facilitate and improve navigation to users, remembering where you navigated on the website, your username when registering, preferences and display settings, and offering each user information that may be of interest to you.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer or the device you use (Smartphone, tablet, connected TV …) when accessing certain web pages or applications. Cookies allow, among other things, to collect statistical information, provide certain technical features, store and retrieve information about the browsing habits or preferences of a user or their team and, depending on the information they contain and the way in which they use their equipment, can be used to recognize the user.

A cookie is stored on a computer in order to identify the browser while interacting with our websites or applications. A website can set a cookie in the browser if the browser’s preferences allow it. A browser only allows a website to access the cookies it establishes, not those established by other websites. On the web third-party cookies are used, which allow collecting anonymous statistical data on the visits received in order to track the advertising campaigns that may be valid at the time of the visit.

Why are cookies important?

AGRÍCOLA EL NIÑO DEL CAMPO, S.L. uses these cookies for a) operational reasons: Balancing and limiting traffic as a method of securing the service; b) for ease of use: Make navigation on websites and applications easier and more user-friendly, for example, remembering aspects of the user such as your language, country, browser, etc. Certain cookies are essential for you to use the services of the Web.

AGRÍCOLA EL NIÑO DEL CAMPO, S.L. in no case does it record the activities that the user carries out in the network or elaborate profiles of it.

Types of cookies used by

Technical Cookies: to help improve the quality of our service, including storing user preferences, improving the selection of searches that are presented, search results, as well as tracking user trends. Cookies are also used in advertising media to help advertisers manage their advertising through the web.

Statistical cookies: they collect information about the date of visit, the URL and the title of the website visited. The reports generated with this information will be purely statistical giving information about the navigation behavior anonymously.

Analytical Cookies: are used to track the search engine from which the website was visited and what search terms were used to find it, calculate the time spent on the web in each session and the number of times the user has visited the page. Depending on the entity that manages the cookies, these can be their own (managed by AGRÍCOLA EL NIÑO DEL CAMPO, SL) or third-party providers of technical services, analysis or statistics whose purpose is the provision of advertising on our websites and applications, help advertisers manage their advertising through the web, or improve their services, such as links to social networks that allow us to share our content.

Next, those third parties with which, has agreements for the management of advertising services and that administer cookies through our websites, as well as their purpose, are detailed.

These companies have their own privacy policies, which can be consulted at the following links:

Google -https: // / intl / es_en / policies / privacy -Advertising, technical and statistical management

Adobe Analytics -http: // –


Types of cookies by expiration


Cookies used in AGRÍCOLA EL NIÑO DEL CAMPO, S.L. can have the following

types of maturities:

Session: With expiration once the user leaves the session.
Service Related to a personalized service within the site, with expiration less than twenty-four hours (24 hours).
Persistent: they are permanently installed in your browser and are activated every time you visit the site, as long as its use is not deactivated.
Configuration of cookies and revocation of consent

You can manage cookies through the configuration of your browser or device, in case you decide to block them, it is possible that certain services that need their use are not available to you.

You can carry out the management of cookies in the following locations of the most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Configuration.
For more information, you can consult Microsoft support or browser Help.

Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History> Custom Settings.
For more information, you can check Mozilla support or Help from browser.

Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced options -> Privacy –
> Content configuration.

For more information, you can check Google support or Help from browser.

Safari: Preferences -> Security.
For more information, you can check Apple support or Help from browser.

Below we offer links where you will find information on how you can activate your preferences in the main browsers:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer Version 5, Version 6, Version 7 and 8, Version 9

Safari, Safari for IOS (iPhone, iPad)

Flash Cookies



Windows Phone


Finally, you can go to the portal Your Online Choices, in addition to finding useful information, you can configure, provider by provider, your preferences on third-party advertising cookies.


Acceptance of cookies

If you continue browsing once informed about the Cookies Policy, we understand that you accept the use of cookies by the web and applications. However, if you want, you can change the cookie settings at any time, setting your browser to accept, or not, the cookies you receive or for the browser to notify you when a server wants to save a cookie. We inform you that in the case of blocking or not accepting the installation of cookies, it is possible that certain services are not available without the use of these or that you can not access certain services or take full advantage of everything our websites and applications. offer.

In addition to the use of proprietary cookies from AGRÍCOLA EL NIÑO DEL CAMPO, S.L., we allow third parties establish cookies and access them on your computer. The consent of the use of the cookies of these companies is linked to browsing this site.

AGRÍCOLA EL NIÑO DEL CAMPO, S.L. Thank you for agreeing to accept cookies, this helps us obtain more accurate data that allows us to improve the content and design of our web pages and applications to adapt them to your preferences.

In the event that AGRÍCOLA EL NIÑO DEL CAMPO, SL, will provide some type of special service in which it determines specific provisions different from these in relation to the protection of personal data and the use of cookies, the particular rules indicated for that will prevail. service in particular over those present.

When you access this website or application for the first time, you will see a window where you are informed of the use of cookies and where you can view this “Cookies Policy”. If you consent to the use of cookies, continue browsing or click on any link it will be understood that you have consented to our cookies policy and therefore the installation of cookies on your device or device.